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Resources | YONDELIS® (trabectedin)


Information about treatment with YONDELIS®

Below you will find resources that may be useful as you use YONDELIS® in your practice. Each resource can be opened and downloaded by clicking on the thumbnails.




This brochure contains efficacy and safety information about YONDELIS®.



YONDELIS® Dosing Guide

This guide has comprehensive instructions on dosing and administration for YONDELIS® in an easy-to-use format.



YONDELIS® Infusion Checklist

The Infusion Checklist covers the steps for administering YONDELIS®.



YONDELIS® Safety Brochure

This brochure focuses on Important Safety Information regarding the use of YONDELIS®.



YONDELIS® Reimbursement Guide

The Reimbursement Guide offers examples for coding YONDELIS® for several reimbursement scenarios.